Rapport VTD constriction rings

Constriction rings for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a recognised complication of many long term conditions, and can be embarrassing to discuss. The Rapport™ range are non-invasive products; offering a non-drug therapy option and therefore no contraindications with other medications. The vacuum pumps are suitable for men who have difficulty achieving an erection, whilst the ring loading system and penile rings are suitable for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection.

The rings can be used as part of the vacuum therapy device offering. They can also be used standalone. The use of a penile ring for more than thirty minutes at any one time is not recommended.

On Offer- Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7 and Size 8

The Vacuum therapy device and Ring loading system sets are also available on prescription.


Designed to be fast and effective
Accessible and easy to use with no set-up required
Designed with you in mind
Drug-free Success that works

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Rapport stands at the forefront of supporting men's sexual health, offering to address various conditions that may impact well-being.
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