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Empelvic for men helps make training the pelvic floor easy and comfortable. Simply sit on the cushion, breathe and feel your pelvic floor muscles naturally activate and relax.

Whether you're seeking solutions for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or aiming to enhance overall vitality, try Empelvic.

Discover how to improve your pelvic floor.

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Everyone has a pelvic floor—it helps us manage bodily functions like controlling urine, as well as enhancing blood flow and sensation in the pelvic region.

Traditionally, the focus was solely on training the pelvic floor for women, while men were often directed towards medication or surgery to address any conditions.

The Empelvic cushion revolutionises this approach by offering everyone the chance to support their pelvic floor's needs.

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Enhancing pelvic floor awareness and strength through targeted pressure and breathing exercises

A healthy pelvic floor is a flexible pelvic floor that can contract when it needs to (e.g., to control urine) and relax when it needs to (e.g., during sexual intercourse). To support this, it helps for you to gain awareness of what your pelvic floor muscles feel like when they naturally relax and tense. 

Sitting on the cushion applies targeted pressure in your pelvic floor so you can feel your pelvic floor muscles move more easily. When combined with breathing exercises, this helps to heighten feedback between your pelvic floor and brain to foster a stronger connection. With this increased connection and awareness, you can better engage with the muscles and learn to relax and gently strengthen them, which may help alleviate pelvic floor conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence and enlarged prostate.  

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