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Get Comfortable with Empelvic

The Empelvic cushion helps you to connect with your pelvic floor. 
Those with pelvic floor conditions may demonstrate a lack of awareness of the position and motion of the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle awareness is important, and helps one better identify, activate and control the individual pelvic floor muscles.

The Empelvic cushion provides tactile feedback, designed to help you improve your muscle awareness and build a connection with your pelvic floor easily and comfortably.

 Your pelvic floor muscles naturally contract and relax when you breathe, so over time, in combination with breathing techniques provided in the instructions for use, you should be able to locate and feel your pelvic floor muscles move, contract and relax naturally on the Empelvic cushion.

With Empelvic, you get the opportunity to naturally support the needs of their pelvic floor, as the method is based on the pelvic floor’s natural way of cooperating with our breathing. Instead of trying to force your muscles to work in a certain way, which is the focus of the Kegel exercises, you support the movements that always take place subconsciously, without you being aware of them.
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Sitting on the tactile cushion applies targeted pressure in your pelvic floor so you can feel your pelvic floor muscles move, relax and activate more easily. When combined with breathing exercises, this helps to heighten feedback between your pelvic floor and brain to foster a stronger connection. With this increased connection and awareness, you can better engage with the muscles to learn how to relax or gently strengthen them, which can help alleviate pelvic floor conditions such as stress incontinence, pain during penetration, and erectile dysfunction.

The cushion comes in both men’s and women’s variants, each specifically designed to complement their respective anatomy. Read here for more on how to use the Empelvic cushion.

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Pelvic floor conditions can feel embarrassing, and this can often lead us to avoid treating them altogether. Empelvic is designed to help make the connection with your pelvic floor comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful through heightened sensation. Thanks to its non-invasive design, it can be used virtually anywhere, allowing you to take control of your pelvic health at your own pace.
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