Non-drug therapy for erectile dysfunction

Our Rapport™ vacuum therapy devices have been developed as user-friendly, effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. Supporting you when you need it most, Rapport is an effective non-drug therapy, which can be used with other medications1 helping you live a normal life.

A unique vacuum therapy system designed as an effective treatment for erectile problems

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Vacuum Therapy
Rapport Classic is a unique vacuum system developed as an effective therapy for erectile conditions. Applied externally, this therapy creates a vacuum around the penis which quickly produces an erection by drawing blood into the penis. An erection can be achieved within minutes and therefore spontaneity for intercourse is not compromised.1
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Non-drug therapy for erectile dysfunction

Understanding that men's sexual health can be a sensitive topic, we aim to break down barriers, fostering a supportive environment where individuals can learn, engage, and take proactive steps towards a healthier and more satisfying sexual life. Click below to discover more on men's sexual health, including improving your pelvic floor.

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