Self-managed treatment in the privacy and comfort of home

Gentle Self Treatment for Women After Pelvic Radiotherapy

Vaginal dilators designed to help you build your confidence

Effective Home Treatment
Amielle® Care offers treatment for post-pelvic radiotherapy care where you may experience some internal scarring (adhesions), which can make the vagina narrower and drier.

Amielle Care provides an aid to recovery in the privacy and comfort of your home. The treatment is simple, and therapy takes as little as 1-3 minutes, 2-3 times a week.1
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Specifically designed for women following pelvic radiotherapy
Specifically designed for women following pelvic radiotherapy, the incremental dilator sizes of Amielle Care allow you to start small and slowly move up the gradual size increases at a pace which is comfortable for you, to avoid any pain or discomfort following pelvic radiotherapy.

The easy-to-use twist and lock handle is compatible with all dilator sizes to assist with controlled, safe insertion and removal.

Created with healthcare professionals, Amielle Care was created with the UK National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses, and has a flat tipped profile specifically designed for preventing post pelvic radiotherapy adhesions. The smooth surface of Amielle Care is designed to facilitate comfortable insertion and is easy to clean after use with soapy water.
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Reference: 1. Bakker RM, ter Kuile MM, Vermeer WM, et al. Sexual rehabilitation after pelvic radiotherapy and vaginal dilator use: consensus using the Delphi method. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2014;24(8):1499–1506.